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Synchronous distance-learning allows real-time two-ways audiovisual communication among individuals at different distant sites by employing properly interconnected audiovisual equipment.
ASPETE offers synchronous distance-learning services through properly equipped, H.320/H.323 distance-learning rooms situated in ASPETE’s central premises (Athens) and ASPETE’s Branches  (Thessaloniki, Patra, Volos, Ioannina, Heraklion/Crete, Sapes) as well as by supporting web-based videoconference either by means of the open Teleconference software provided by the Greek University Network (GUNET) or the teleconference services provided by the Greek Research & Technology Network (GRNET).
      -  The central distance-learning room (situated in Athens and fully equipped according to the ITU H.320/H.323 rec.) is an accredited node of the overall distance-learning-rooms network forhigher education,supported by the Greek University Network (GUNET). In addition, the central distance-learning system can be interconnected to the Greek Research & Technology Network GRNET) by using the teleconference services supported by the GRNET.
      -   Web-based distance-learning is capable of supporting education from a distant site (according to the participants’ choice) and facilitates class management and interaction among members by simulating functions that conventionally take place in actual rooms.This approach requires minimum computational skills, practically the use of a specific synchronous distance-learning environment and video/audio-and-text communicating by means of computer.    
Possible synchronous distance-learning scenaria could be:
     • Course implementation through distance-learning together with other higher education establishments from Greece or abroad.
     • Attending and participating in lectures or seminars from a distance.
     • Teleconferences for educational and/or administrative purposes (e.g. electorates)
      H.320/H.323 rooms    



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