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Asynchronous distance-learning services are offered by the ASPETE's Open eClass platform which supports the organization and management of courses using Internet tools.
The platform may also be used as a supplement to face-to-face instruction that supports course management and interaction among the members of a class by facilitating
• the provision of digital educational material
• uploading of announcements and its automatic forwarding via email
• the electronic submission of student projects within specific deadlines
• the organization and management of fora
• the organization of student work teams
• the organization and management of synchronous conversation (chat) and wiki
• the provision of course information and the creation of an agenda
• the provision of useful links
• the provision of automatic or non-automatic evaluation exercises 

Basic characteristics of eClass platform are:

    distinguishe role of users such as:
-  The user-instructor is person in charge for the creation and management of his electronic courses.His account provided by the eClass platform administrator .
-  The user-student can be registered in each course that is allowed to have access from the creator-instructor.His account is created automatically by the platform after his electronic registration at eClass platform.
    distinguish categories of courses: 
Open courses are the courses of free access from all even without they allocate account in the platform.
Openly in registration are the courses in which user-student can have access only if allocates account in the platform and registers himself in the course. Also alternative the responsible instructor can fix a password for accessing the course .
Closed courses are the courses in which a user that has account in the platform has access only if he is allowed by the responsible instructor.


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