ASPETE is governed by a 7-member Governing Board. The Governing Board plays a key role in the strategic development and overall performance of ASPETE, as well as in enhancing its success and reputation regionally, nationally and internationally.

The present Governing Board of ASPETE consists of the following members (FEK 191/11.04.2016):

a. Yiannis Saridakis, Professor at the School of Production & Management, Technical University of Crete, President

b. Evangelia Antoniou, Assistant Professor at the Midwifery Dept., TEI of Athens, Vice-President

c. Christoforos Krontiras, Professor at the Department of Physics, University of Patras, Member

d. George Moustakas, President of ETE (Technology Teachers’ Association), Member

e. Anastasia Kostaki, Professor at the Athens University of Economics & Business, Member

f. Pascal Normand, Director of Research at the Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (INN) of NCSR “Demokritos”, Member

g. Vassileios Rizos, Secondary Education Teacher, Member

 The Governing Board holds regular meetings, which may be attended by (i) a member of the educational staff union, and (ii) a student union member, who, however, do not have a voting right.

Directly accountable to the Governing Board are:

  • The Special Account for Research Grants
  • The Legal Service
  • The Public & International Relations Office


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