The responsibilities of the Networks’ Operation Centre (NOC) of ASPETE include:

Installation, operation and upgrading of network services as well the introduction of new ones.
Planning of the optimum network topology and configuration.
Planning and implementation of network upgradings.
Monitoring ofnetwork’soperation and management of network’s resources.
Installation of new connections and modification of the existing ones.
Faultfixingandmanagementofemergencysituations regarding the voice and data network equipment.
Determination of technical requirements for network upgradings and extensions.
Training and technical support of network’s users.
Cooperation and communication with the Network Operation Centres of other Educational Institutes.

fax: 210-2823244

Team leader

G. Pagiatakis, Associate Professor
tel: +302102896781,


Team members

A. Economou, tel: +302102896709,
O. Tigas, tel: +302102896896,